Los Molinos Interpretation Centre – Tiscamanita

For centuries natives of Fuenteventura found “gofio” (toasted cereal flour) to be the best ally with which to palliate the harsh famines.  An entire culture was built up around this product, which is currently commemorated in the Los Molinos Interpretation Centre in Tiscamanita, in the town of Tuineje. In the midst of the old quarter of Tiscamanita is an interesting traditional home.  In its interior, you will see the centuries-old importance of “gofio” as a nutritional base for Fuerteventurans. And what better way than through a history of the windmills.  Those that El Quijote battled against in the lands of Castile and which in Fuerteventura served to grind grain and provide food for an entire island.

Centro de Interpretación de los Molinos (Tiscamanita)

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