Seasalt Museum

It is a cultural site that houses the Salinas del Carmen Saltworks, which were built around the year 1910, and a museum centre that shows an overview of the culture arising from the sea salt. It has a great historical, architectural, ethnographical and ecological value. Fuerteventura The museum offers two complementary tours: one inside and other outside. Our visit shall start from the inside tour at the museum centre, which is organized in three parts: Location, formation and history of the salt; Canary Islands Saltworks; and Salinas del Carmen Saltworks. Fuerteventura The outside tour consists of a visit to the Salinas del Carmen Saltworks, where you will admire their architectural characteristics, the different elements in which they are structured, the salt production process and the beautiful landscape they constitute.

Crta. Gral Salinas, FV2. Las Salinas del Carmen. Antigua.

Tel.: +34 928 858 998

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