Dunes of Corralejo, the desert of Fuerteventura

The natural surroundings of Fuerteventura are invaluable, unique beauty and a huge variety of singular native flora and fauna. No wonder, it has more than 48,000 hectares of protected area to safeguard its main attraction: nature.

Natural Park, Protected area, Natural Monument, Site of Scientific Interest, Special ZEPA Area… are some of the statements that strive to describe the essence of the island, an incredible protected nature that protects us.

A desert in the Oasis of civilization

If Miguel de Unamuno stated, early last century, that Fuerteventura is an oasis in the desert of civilization, The Dunes of Corralejo are, no doubt, the greatest expression of the desert he referred to.

The Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo is one of the most breathtaking landscapes of the whole island of Fuerteventura, a real desert held by the north of the island.

Located in the northern municipality of Fuerteventura, La Oliva, Corralejo Natural Park means more than  2,300 hectares of an ocean of golden sand, bathed in the east end by stunning turquoise water beaches.

Alive and full of life sand

The view of the dunes leaves no one indifferent, as they take you to other places and times. No building interferes with their wild and unspoiled nature, extremely protected for its scientific and environmental interest.

The numerous and endless dunes that make this paradise for the eyes are made up of organic sand from species that were alive once, as they have been made by the erosion, during thousands of years, of the shells that once housed molluscs and bivalves.

The dunes are home to a huge variety of plant and animal species, specially birds. Among them, it is not difficult to spot a famous  Egyptian vulture or a nice Houbara bustard.

Thanks to the action of the trade winds, the landscape changes every day, the dunes move, are formed, grow and disappear.

No one visiting the island should leave without admiring this wonder of nature. We assure you that the visit will be worthwhile.