The Fuerteventura Tourist Board welcomes the 22 candidates to Miss Germany 2018

The contest will take place next February 24 at the Europa-Park Arena

The event will involve a promotion of Fuerteventura in Germany

The president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales, and the manager of the Fuerteventura Tourist Board, Moisés Jorge, today welcomed the 22 candidates who would like to become Miss Germany 2018.

Both were received by the director of the hotel TUI Magic Life, Enrique Meyer, the deputy director, Claudia Uhl, the commercial and head of Hiring, Eloísa Gopar, and the promoters of the contest Inés Klemmer, Ralf Klemmer and Max Klemmer.

The candidates have been on the island since February 6. During these days, they participate in photographic and training sessions at the TUI Magic Life Hotel facilities before participating in the election of Miss Gernmay on February 24, at the Europa-Park Arena, the largest amusement park in Germany.

The presence of Miss Germany applicants on the island has aroused great interest in the German press, which has displaced writers and photographers to Fuerteventura, including the RTL television network.

From the Tourist Board it has been highlighted “the importance” of initiatives like this which serve to continue promoting the insular destination in Europe and, specifically, in Germany, the first European market bringing tourists to Fuerteventura.