Fuerteventura, another world under the sea

Fuerteventura is a natural paradise. UNESCO states that by declaring the whole island World Biosphere Reserve. And everyone who knows it says that. But apart from the natural jewels that everyone can see everywhere, its waters hide another world full of wonders, thousands of species, colours, strange volcanic formations… A delight for lovers of scuba diving and for anyone who, with Goggles and a snorkel, ventures to discover the treasures the sea of Fuerteventura keeps.

Diving for everyone

The whole coast of Fuerteventura, with more than 300 kilometers, has beauty and an incalculable natural value in itself. To practise diving, scuba diving and snorkelling, especially the east coast, more calm and sheltered than the opposite side, offers an endless number of places that invite you to enter the sea floor.

In the north as well as in the centre and in the south, there is a wide range of professional diving schools that will take you to the best dive sites of the island. But the wonders of Fuerteventura sea are not to be admired just by experienced divers and professionals. Anyone can, with just some goggles and a snorkel tube, discover a whole underwater world full of life.

Moreover, the wonderful climate of the island allows immersions to discover aquatic treasures at any time of the year.

Home to thousands of species

In the waters of the Canary Islands, tropical and subtropical, Atlantic-Mediterranean and Macaronesian elements, among others, converge giving rise to a rich and varied catalogue of species.

There are abundant fish of all shapes, sizes and colours: “vieja”, grouper, “abades”, sea breams, morays, “chuchos”, angelfish, sardines, anchovies, tunas, swordfish

There are other water animals that delight the sight, such as starfish, different turtle families, crabs, corals and more than twenty different species of marine mammals: dolphins, sperm whales, whales…

As for the flora, the seabed surrounding Fuerteventura is a huge garden of shapes and colours of great beauty.

Dive into “majorera” waters and discover this world under the sea.