La Alcogida, the most traditional side of Fuerteventura

Visiting the ecomuseum, La Alcogida, is taking a stroll through the history of Fuerteventura. It is moving to a not so distant past, as we are talking about a reproduction of life in the countryside in the nineteenth century. Located inland, in the village of Tefía, La Alcogida exhibits the islands’ handicrafts, architecture and ethnography. Get to know the most traditional side of Fuerteventura.

Architecture adapted to the environment

The ecomuseum is made up of seven houses that faithfully depict the architecture of the island. Stone walls and thatched roofs, a mixture of water, earth and straw, symbolize these constructions. Not only will we see the typical house of the most humble peasant, there are also reproductions of houses belonging to the wealthier families. Despite the differences in their materials, they all share the same line, which has nothing to do with chance. In Fuerteventura the predominant wind for most of the year comes from the north. This is why in the typical homes the doors, windows and courts are set towards the south, in order to shelter from the northern wind. Since they settle on the arid land of Fuerteventura, the locals must sharpen their wits to meet the need of water supply and they achieve this with wells, ditches, cisterns, drains and pipes. They’re all elements we can see in La Alcogida.

Live Craft

It is an interactive ecomuseum where we also find craftsmen working the various forms of traditional crafts of the island. For example the palm, a trade that is carried out with the leaves of the local palm tree, to make objects like “la empleita” (mould used to make “majorero” cheese) or other more popular ones, like caps and hats. Looms, drafts, pottery or the stone are other samples of crafts exhibited in “La Alcogida”.

The major handicraft shop located in one of the houses offers the chance to acquire a souvenir, apart from becoming a bit more familiar with the culture of the island; you can take a bit of the history of Fuerteventura with you.