The Mafasca light

The Canary Islands have a no end of mysteries and Fuerteventura has them too.


One of the most intriguing and popular is the light of Mafasca. This is not a normal light, it seems like it has some intelligence and some interest about the human that make this light be cataloged as a “natural phenomenon”. The Mafasca light appear without attack or kill the walkers or neighbors of the village of Antigua, in the sparsely populated island of Fuerteventura.

The light appears in the dark and silence nights. Is small but, sometimes, get big dimensions for a few seconds. The light of Mafasca goes up and down by the valleys, or it can stay static in the air, or “fly” immediately to unimaginable speeds… The people that have seen this light have been amazed and even scared when this light get closer to them. The appearances of this mysterious light are since ages ago. Great-grandparents, grandparents and parents have told their stories and experiences of the appearances of the Light of Mafasca.

The old history of the light of Mafasca says that: a few shepherds that were walking back home after a hard journey. Hungry and tired they decided to stop in the way, make fire and cook a sheep that they had killed before. They spend a few hours collecting wood for the fire and right in the side of the road; hidden behind some gorse they found a small wooden cross.


Since that time, was a custom in Fuerteventura put a cross in the place where someone died, but who owned this cross did not affect the hungry shepherds, that perceived the cross as a two pieces of wood perfect for make fire.

Slowly the flames were consuming the wooden cross and under the watchful eye of the shepherds emerged an strange light from the ashes that was jumping from side to side. The shepherds ran away from that light that was the soul of the person that owned the burned cross. In form of light the angry soul wanted to scare that shepherds that burned the only memory that kept this person in this world.

Since then lot of people have said that they have seen the Mafasca light, that light that accompanies the travelers by the lonely paths of the island of Fuerteventura