Biosphere Reserve & Starlight

Wild virgin nature.

Fuerteventura, declared a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve for the whole island territory, has more than 48,000 hectares of protected area where you can lose yourself. Its natural monuments, parks and landscapes are living witnesses of its volcanic origins. Such as the lava fields, home to an endless variety of highly valuable native flora and fauna, which are thoroughly protected by many environmental projects.


The island itself is a vast Natural Patrimony valued for its conservation.

Choose a way to discover these unique places: along its pathways, on a mountain bike, on the back of a camel … or just let yourself go, because every corner is a treasure.

More than 353,000 hectares with singularities that emerge from its arid lands and diverse sea environment. Natural landscapes of an extreme aridity turn this island into one of Macaronesia’s best geopalenthological observatories. The biggest representation of steppe and desert habitats of the Canary Islands. In spite of its arid nature, it has an important biological diversity and the richest marine environment of the Canaries. In short, Fuerteventura is a sustainable tourist destination where the preservation of traditional values and activities coexists with tourism. It is a privileged place to observe volcanic areas, which contain a great fossil diversity and nearly 50 paleontological reserves recognized worldwide. Fuerteventura is one of the biggest desert and semi-desert areas in the European Union that will amaze you along more than 100 km of coastline practically untouched.