The Norwegians? They are here already!!


Norwegian Airlines
Norway is less than 6 hours flight from Fuerteventura. The Low Cost company Norwegian Airline landed yesterday for the first time in Fuerteventura, with the plane that came from Oslo. They will keep this route working every Tuesday until April of 2013 fulfilling the agreement between the Company and the Fuerteventura tourist board.

The 1970 decade the Scandinavian Tourism was pioneer in the island, but that relation was losing importance with the pass of the years. This new route between Oslo and Fuerteventura is an indicative than the interest has been revived. The estimations are than by the end of the year the increase of the Norwegian tourism will be around the 33% comparing with 2011.

Norwegian Arlines

Norwegian Airlines is one of the biggest Low Cost Companies in Europe. In 2009 transported 10.8 millions of passengers in 150 different routes to 94 destinations in Europe, north of Africa and Middle East.
Their main base is in the Airport of Oslo-Gardermoen, but they also have other secondary bases in in Bergerm, Trondheim, Stavanger, Moss, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Warsaw. They offer many domestic routes in Norway, combined with other international destination from their bases.