Land Sailing Fuerteventura / Blokart School

Blokart School of sand yachting, small tricycle driven only by the wind with the help of a sail that varies in size depending on the wind and the weight of the person. Open all year for everyone starting from 8 years of age regardless of their physical condition, highly recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Open every day of year by advance booking and depending on the weather conditions especially wind, the primary requirement, and must have values between 10 and 16 knots. If there are fewer or more nodes of the indicated, the sport can not be to practice and is notified for a new date if possible but if not possible the activity is cancelled and the client receives the amount previously paid.

Carretera FV1, Km 3 - zona Flag Beach, 35660 – Corralejo (La Oliva), Fuerteventura

Tel.: +34 640271170

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