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Verdeaurora Bio Farm

Category: Cosmética ecológica | Touristic zone: Caleta de Fuste
Last update: 18/05/2020


Verdeaurora Bio Farm, located in Tenicosquey, 7 (35630) Antigua, is the place that gives you the opportunity to feel nature at its best, to connect with yourself and with a pure and pollution free environment, where tradition and sustainability live together in perfect harmony.

In this little piece of Fuerteventura we take care of what we want most: our planet. Verdeaurora is committed to a slow philosophy, located in the heart of nature and surrounded by organic crops.

The day to day in this typical Majorera farm is characterized by the certified organic production of Aloe vera and olive trees, for the creation of pure and natural care products that you will find at www.aloeverio.com

Where is Tenicosquey, Verdeaurora Bio Farm located? In the heart of Fuerteventura. It is surrounded by a natural and deserted place where nature is the only protagonist.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm always receives all the public free of charge. This farm invites you to walk among its aloe vera and olive trees and to feel the agriculture of the island.

But it also offers the opportunity to enjoy two unique experiences:

1. The Bio Farm experience, is a proposal where quality is a priority, an innovative experience guided by great connoisseurs of the territory, where every detail is taken care of. You will be able to get to know how the Verdeaurora Bio Farm works by taking a tour of all its facilities and organic crops.

In the activity you will learn about many aspects of culture, tradition, history and nature. Not only from an agricultural point of view but with a more global vision of everything that makes Fuerteventura unique, everything that makes up its identity.

2. The Starlight experience: every night after sunset, the sky of the island of Fuerteventura becomes a real spectacle. Millions of bright stars, the long and marked Milky Way, planets surrounded by strange satellites, shooting stars crossing the sky and mythological constellations are just some of the beauties that the sky above Verdeaurora Bio Farm shows.

The aim of this experience is to highlight and teach you about the two seals that are the emblem of the island: the Biosphere Reserve and the Starlight Reserve.



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