La Alcogida, the most traditional side of Fuerteventura


Visiting the ecomuseum, La Alcogida, is taking a stroll through the history of Fuerteventura. It is moving to a not so distant past, as we are talking about a reproduction of life in the countryside in the nineteenth century. Located inland, in the village of Tefía, La Alcogida exhibits the islands’ handicrafts, architecture and ethnography. […]

Rainbow Fuerteventura: the friendliest event on a very friendly island

Rainbow Fuerteventura

Surely you already know that Fuerteventura is a paradise of beach and sun. And you may also know that it’s a beautiful destination where you can enjoy nature at any season of the year thanks to its enviable weather and an endless offer of activities. What you may not know is that this small island […]

Puerto del Rosario: getting to know the capital of Fuerteventura


Puerto del Rosario, formerly Puerto Cabras, has been the capital of Fuerteventura since 1860. At present it has about 40.000 inhabitants, almost half of the population of the whole island. For the whole island territory, Puerto del Rosario is the administrative, cultural and commercial reference of “majoreros”, but it also has an interesting offer for […]

In search of the sea giants in Fuerteventura


The waters of the Canary Islands are a privileged place to enjoy watching any kind of sea animals, like birds or turtles although, no doubt, the favourite ones are the kings of the sea we call cetacean. In the archipelago we can find 28 out of the 87 species of cetaceans in the world! Fuerteventura […]

Womad Fuerteventura: dancing on the sand to the rhythm of world music

WOMAD Fuerteventura

Imagine a warm night in the open, barefoot on the fine sand, the sea roaring on the background and listening to world sounds coming straight to your heart… do you like it? Then you are lucky; so, stop imagining and come to Gran Tarajal and experience it personally. Intercultural Festival of music and arts Womad […]

Dunes of Corralejo, the desert of Fuerteventura

The natural surroundings of Fuerteventura are invaluable, unique beauty and a huge variety of singular native flora and fauna. No wonder, it has more than 48,000 hectares of protected area to safeguard its main attraction: nature. Natural Park, Protected area, Natural Monument, Site of Scientific Interest, Special ZEPA Area… are some of the statements that […]

Ajuy Caves. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth from Fuerteventura


Delving into Ajuy Caves invites visitors to enjoy a Jurassic experience, a leap in time 70 million years back, a journey to the past that surpasses even the formation of Fuerteventura itself, which took place many centuries later. As if this were not enough, this Natural Park is located near the town of the same […]

Three unmissable events in Fuerteventura in August

La Carpa

The fact that Fuerteventura is a paradise of beautiful beaches and stunning nature is something we have already been telling you, and everyone who has visited the island knows this well. But here we also like fun, and across the island geography there are events and parties of all kinds throughout the year. We’ll tell […]

The most childish side of Fuerteventura: fun for the whole family

Parques temáticos

Fuerteventura Island welcomes, with open arms, the youngest in the family. From beautiful safe beaches, made by nature with care, where children can live in freedom, to a range of leisure and fun activities to live with them a new adventure every day. The mild temperatures, an average of 20 degrees in winter and 23 […]