6 things you should not miss if you visit Corralejo


The beautiful town of Corralejo, north of the island of Fuerteventura is, on the one hand, a modern town, dynamic and full of life with an endless entertainment offer for everyone. On the other hand, it’s a wonder of nature, with paradise beaches, vast sand dunes and breathtaking landscapes. We’ll tell you about some things […]

Fuerteventura, a championship Island

Deportes náuticos

Can you imagine being in one of the best beaches in the world watching a top-level water sport show while sipping a mojito and enjoying the best summer party? This is possible in Fuerteventura. The dates for Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup in the stunning beaches of Jandía approach. Note it down so you don’t […]

The Egyptian vulture, owner and master of the majorero sky


A lot of people who have visited Fuerteventura can boast of having seen an impressive bird overflying the majorero sky. This is “El Guirre”, name which is given to the Egyptian vulture in The Canary Islands. This bird doesn’t go unnoticed if you come across him, as it is a huge bird, over one and […]

The salt mines, culture and flavour of Fuerteventura


On the east coast of Fuerteventura, halfway between north and south we find “Las Salinas del Carmen”, a small and charming village by the sea, a beach and the salt mines, a museum nowadays, but still working to extract special sea salt through the traditional method. Visiting the pools and the mountains of salt, with […]

Six Blue Flag beaches in Fuerteventura

Esquinzo-Morro Jable

Everyone who knows it knows that Fuerteventura is the beach island… Its 340 kilometre coastline, is full of beaches: pristine and secluded, with wild water and big waves, calm sea and sandy lakes, beaches in charming fishing villages, with all amenities and services, almost inaccessible ones, to practise any water sport… and Blue Flag beaches. […]

The luxury of pedalling around Fuerteventura

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The natural beauty of Fuerteventura and the warm climate that envelops the island throughout the year make it the prefect scenery to practise outdoor activities in an environment where nature acquires the maximum importance. With an area of 1.659 km², it is the second largest island of the archipelago, after Tenerife. It is also the […]

Cofete, the wildest and most mysterious side of Fuerteventura

Esquinzo-Morro-Jable - Cofete viewpoint

South of Fuerteventura on its windward coast, where there is no civilization or asphalt roads and where the highest peak of the island is hidden behind an impressive mountain range, you find one of the largest natural and scenic riches of the Canary Islands: Cofete. Famous for its its long wild beach of white sand […]

Lighthouses that brighten Fuerteventura’s magical nights

Las Playitas - Lighthouse

Fuerteventura nights are dark, because they are not polluted. Despite its warm climate, the nights are cool, like in the desert. The sky is star-studded, and the moon is so big and bright that sometimes looks like the sun. Moreover, some constructions scattered around the island make the nights even more magical… They are its […]